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Video Rental Diversity in Longfellow

In an era when we’re seeing extreme specialization in Minneapolis businesses to the point of having both “Irish places with a European touch” and “British Isles style taverns” it’s kind of refreshing to see a few businesses hanging onto more generalist principals.

For example, Video Lease on East Lake St is promoting the fact that they offer Adult AND Regular movies:

Adult & Regular Movies

So you can skip the trip to the purist Blockbuster on your way back from Sex World. Get ‘er done in one stop at Video Lease.

4 thoughts on “Video Rental Diversity in Longfellow”

  1. Anyone notice the new handmade sign in Video(Porn)Lease’s east-facing window? It’s on brown cardboard, about 12″ x 36″, and says simply “X X X”. Next to the sign is a small strobelight that’s occasionally turned on. How can this possibly be legal? Please help me make some noise about this, folks. I live just a couple blocks down the street from that scummy place.

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