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Non-Alcoholic Wines Sound Horrible

In case you didn’t know, one thing that I’m not a fan of is imitation foods. For example, Kathy Jenkins describes her experience with a fake Cabernet on a recent dining experience:

So recently, after seeing the Didier Goubet French non-alcoholic organic Cabernet juice on the wine menu at Lucias, I was curious and ordered a glass. Yes, yes, it’s just grape juice. But it tasted really nice, a little like cranberry juice but deeper, more complex and not too sweet — kind of winey. I’d definitely order it again.

This month, I’m off beer. However, N/A beer doesn’t interest me at all. N/A wine sounds horrible. And along those lines, so does fat free cheese, tofurkey, and veggie dogs.

I’m all for n/a drinking, low-fat diets, and lower-meat consumption, but I don’t think drinking and eating fake alternatives is the best option. It turns out that there are many good foods that are naturally non-alcoholic, low-fat, or meatless that actually taste good, and even better than their fake counterparts.

3 thoughts on “Non-Alcoholic Wines Sound Horrible”

  1. You haven’t been to Bravo Cafe and Bakery for their Chinese food fakery. All the Chinese food in American Chinese restaurants is kind of Chinese food fakery, but these dishes are surprisingly good with meat substitutes. I recommend the spare rib with mushrooms. It partly the savory sauce and the crisp outside and well textured inside of the fakery that I love most. The mushrooms flavor isn’t far off of the main spare rib flavor, yet they are complementary. Its served with rice and brocolli. Drink with water or black tea.
    Have a cream puff for dessert.

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