Insight Racing's DARPA Urban Challenge Vehicle

Insight Racing stopped by Comtrol in Maple Grove, Minnesota on August 15th to show of the car they plan on racing in this year’s DARPA Urban Challenge.

The DARPA Urban Challenge is an unmanned car race where cars are built to navigate using a combination of GPS, radar, and other technologies that can help get the cars from point A to point B in one piece.

Insight Racing’s car is a customized Lotus with 9 Mac Minis, one laptop, a ton of laser guiding sensors (LMS) two powerful GPS units, a radar system, an advanced cooling system, a massive power inverter, and tons of other after market techiness.

Here is a short video I put together at today’s demo:

Insight Racing’s Steve Kuekes is the guy fielding the technical questions.

The sensors on the bumper are made by SICK and networked into the vehicle using Comtrol’s DeviceMaster device server.

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