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A Look Back at Bush’s 9/11 Reaction

He calls himself “The Decider” so what did he decide to do on 9/11 after hearing about then watching replays of the first of the attacks by plane? He stuck to his plan to give a speech to a group of elementary school students.

BAGnewsNotes has an excellent analysis:

BAGnewsNotes: More Karl Post-Mortem: Beyond My Pet Goat

According to his original pre-“attack on America” schedule, Bush was slated to give a speech to the Booker Elementary student body at approximately 9:30. So, thirty-nine minutes after the first crash (which Bush was aware of by approximately 8:55); and nineteen minutes after hearing about the second crash; and with the fate of America supposedly hanging in the balance, what do you suppose Bush had in front of him and was working on?

Yep, it’s the speech he ended up writing, then delivering, four minutes later to 200 elementary school students, along with some teachers and a handful of reporters.

If Bush’s actions confirm his incompetent, pre-formulated, performance-by-rote, what, in addition, might the craft and composition of the photo indicate? In this moment of extreme crisis; 13 minutes before Flight 77 would slam into the Pentagon; with the atmosphere rife with speculation that numerous highjacks were in progress, can anybody say there wasn’t still time for posing?

Before you can be a decider, you need to be an analyzer who determines what the real problem you’re facing is. Once you know that, you may be able to make a proper decision.

Bush was a decider on going into Iraq, but the real problem was – and still is YEARS later – Osama bin Laden and terrorists subscribing to his world view.

A real decider may realize that occupying a country fosters terrorism.

Sticking with a mistake is certainly a decision, but not one our president should be proud of.

And who “decided” to call September 11th, “September the 11th?” Try that with your friends sometime. Next time a friend asks you the date, say, “August the 15th” or whatever date it happens to be. I bet they’ll give you a head-tilted squinted look like you have a screw loose.

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