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Bibles and Bullets

Here’s a story about a soldier who got shot by a sniper in Iraq but lived due to the fact that a bible he was carrying stopped the bullet.

The story goes on to explain that he was very lucky that he was carrying the bible. It also mentions that he was the only person in his group that was shot.

Do bibles offer superior bullet stopping capabilities compared to, say, the Koran printed on similar paper?

Sadly, a kid in Oklahoma wasn’t carrying his camouflaged bible when an errant shot from police offers who were attempting to kill a snake killed him instead:

5 thoughts on “Bibles and Bullets”

  1. Some conclusions from my college statistics class:

    A. 100% of the time a soldier gets shot while carrying a bible, the bible will stop the bullet.

    B. 100% of soldiers carrying bibles get shot.

    Seems like if you don’t do B, then A is irrelevant. Hmmm….

  2. I’m a little confused – initially I thought that the bible might have caused some deflection to a bullet travelling at an angle, so preventing it from going into his chest cavity.

    However, his mother said he had a bullet entry and exit wound in his chest, and also that the bible had stopped a bullet, so that it was trapped in the pages.

    Did he get shot twice in the chest? Obviously, the bullet in the bible was at the end of its flight otherwise the bible wouldn’t have been able to stop it, so I’m wondering if it’s the same bullet that caused the entry and exit wound. If that’s the case, I don’t really see how it helped him, other than to catch the bullet that had already wounded him.

    I’m pretty certain that a pocket bible couldn’t stop a direct impact of a bullet, even a nearly spent round. It would, at best, deflect it. But a deflected bullet wouldn’t end up trapped in the pages of the book.

    Oh well. I am sure that however it went down, it won’t stop the 700 Club from doing a breathless hagiography.

  3. I was going to make Kyle’s point, especially after reading he was the only guy shot.

    Also, seems to me that Kevlar would be far more effective at stopping bullets, than the word of god. But that’s just one girl’s opinion.

    [checks the sky for lightening]

  4. Not sure Justin’s logic quite works there. As it doesn’t say anything about how many soldiers not carrying bibles get shot.
    That being said, this story reminds me of the Packers fan who was in a crash and claimed his cheese head saved his life. Apparently, God is a packers fan, and in addition to carrying bibles, our soldiers should be wearing cheese head hats.

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