Just an FYI: Carly and I are Okay

I’ve been receiving a lot of text messages and calls from friends and family confirming that Carly and I are OK after hearing about the I-35W bridge collapse. We are. We’re both out of town for work today.

Thanks for the calls and texts.

3 thoughts on “Just an FYI: Carly and I are Okay”

  1. Good to hear, I knew you were in SFO, but I didn’t know about Carly and am glad to know she is safe.

    So far, knock on wood, I have not been touched by the loss, except for needing a new route to your neighborhood.

    But, dude, you are going to shake your head when you see this mess in person.

    I have a meeting at the Loft in an hour, I’m taking my bike and let you know if I see anything worth commenting on. Oh, and I might need a beer at Maxwell’s tonight, just to offer it to old times before the bridge collapse.

  2. You may get to meet your favorite 24-hour news reporters at Maxwell’s tonight! How exciting would that be?

    I’m in SFO through tomorrow, so no Maxwell’s for me.

  3. I went there early, since I was on my bike and needed to get home before dark. It was a different crowd and gawker traffic in the evening was much heavier than the 5pm rush hour traffic. I didn’t spot anyone, but then I could sit next to most celebrities and not know. It just felt weird with all those gawkers, even the airplanes were obviously flying over it to look…I took a few meaningless photos, but was glad to leave at 9ish. I’ll probably catch up with you at Matt’s deal tomorrow, but later as I’m tied up through 2-3pm.

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