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Buster’s on 28th: Which 28th?

Darn East side of South Minneapolis and its numbered streets in all directions. The problems you cause!

For example, Taylor is all fired up about going to Buster’s on 28th with Aaron.

But it’s not clear which 28th Buster’s on 28th is actually on. In fact, Buster’s doesn’t seem to know for sure. The logo on their site says 28th Street:

Buster's Logo

Which would put it near Brackett Park.

But the address in the footer of their site lists 28th Ave as the address.

Buster's Address

I assume this is 28th Ave S, which would put it a few blocks to the West of the LRT at the corner of 28th Ave S & 42nd St E.

Will Taylor and Aaron find Buster’s?

Will they drive separately and end up at different corners of South Minneapolis?

Will Buster’s change their logo or the address in their footer?

I hope someone finds this place and reports on their Juicy Lucy.

4 thoughts on “Buster’s on 28th: Which 28th?”

  1. I joked yesterday that they have the same problem as the Franklin Street Bakery which is located on Franklin Avenue.

    Max Sparber also pointed out to me yesterday that they spelled Jucy Lucy wrong. I don’t think the 5-8 or Matt’s would complain, though.

    It looks like they just updated their PDF menu as well to include what drinks they have on tap and what wines they serve.

    I’ll be going tonight without Taylor around 6pm; The Deets readers should come down.

  2. Franklin Street Bakery is all messed up. Does anyone know why the street isn’t called Franklin St since it runs east-west? Seems to me that the Bakery got it right, but the city messed up 🙂

  3. That’s right, Moe. The bakery is simply ahead of the city on changing the name of Franklin Ave to Franklin St.

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