History is Made: Golf Tee Snow Globe Challenge Solved!

Gabe Wins the Golf Tee Globe Challenge

After more than seven long months, the snow globe golf tee challenge has finally been solved.

Gabe took on the challenge today after reading about last week on The Deets. In less than 10 minutes of concentrated work, he let out a subtle, “got it.”

The golf globe was purchased back in December at Yahoo’s HQ in California after I failed to solve it in the store.

To date, Gabe is the only person I’ve seen close the deal.

There is a video on YouTube of a guy with a completed snow globe, but who knows how he got that there:

Other videos of failed attempts keep adding up.

One thought on “History is Made: Golf Tee Snow Globe Challenge Solved!”

  1. I got one today and had it in about ten minutes, I took a picture of it completed and several other people took pictures of it complete ( they had gotten one the day before and spent hours trying to get it) strange thing is that I picked it up again to see if I could do it twice and a perfect circle of the glass cracked and fell out, after telling the rest of the people about that they said theirs did the same exact thing a few hours later.

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