St. Paul & Minneapolis Caribou Coffee Location Crunch

Since Gabe reports that Caribou’s own site sucks for looking up store locations, I tried Google. And Google sucks too. It basically says there are 700+ locations near 55401. WTF?

But Yahoo narrowed things down a bit more. I first searched by zip (55401 then 55101) and then by business for “caribou coffee” and here is what I found:

Minneapolis has 17:

Minneapolis Caribou Coffee Locations

St. Paul has 11:

St Paul Caribou Coffee Locations

This isn’t exact, since I think 2-3 of the Minneapolis locations were outside the city boundaries in St Louis Park and other first ring burbs. And I think two of St Paul’s are technically in West St Paul.

So if we call it 14 to 9.

Based on Wikipedia’s population figures for each city, that gives Minneapolis one Caribou Coffee for every 26,629 residents and St. Paul only one for every 31,905, making Minneapolis much more Caribou-dense than St. Paul.

2 thoughts on “St. Paul & Minneapolis Caribou Coffee Location Crunch”

  1. Excellent research Ed. If we combine these numbers with my numbers from the other thread we get Minneapolis with 1.96 “non-corporate” Cafes for every Starbucks/Caribou. And St Paul with 1.71. Looks like Minneapolis still wins, but as usual with this sort of argument I suppose, things are about equal.

  2. I’m looking for Caribou or Starbucks that have meeting room space. Equally hard to find that info as to find location info.

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