Midtown Greenway’s Hiawatha Suspension Bridge

Midtown Greenway’s, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The suspension beam is in place for the Midtown Greenway bike trail’s crossing of Hiawatha Ave and the LRT.

The bridge is unique to Minnesota with a one-beam suspension style.

Some have criticized the bridge for it’s price. The Other Mike and I calculated that this bridge costs the equivalent of 6 minutes of Bush’s war in Iraq.

7 thoughts on “Midtown Greenway’s Hiawatha Suspension Bridge”

  1. Thanks, veritalex. I had no idea that a cable-stayed bridge was a compromise between a cantilever and suspension. I’m feeling informed.

  2. this bridge costs the equivalent of 6 minutes of Bush’s war in Iraq

    Well that sure puts it in perspective.

  3. If the cost of waging any war is the justification of spending any amount of money on pork, then I guess we should build thousands of bike bridges in Minnesota. The comment is completely irrelevant.

    How about comparing it to the cost of LOSING the war on islamo terror? The cost would be even more insignificant in comparision–and equally irrelevant.

    Let’s have North Dakota pay for our bike bridges!

  4. No. The word should have been capitalized as a proper noun. Other than that, it is a perfectly acceptable adjective, just as “Italo” (Italian) “Sino” (Chinese) “Franco” (French) or “Russo” (Russian) are all perfectly correct spellings.

    Let’s hear it for form over substance!

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