Facebook Needs to Address Invite Spam

I’m starting to see a two cases of Facebook spam that Facebook will need to
address. This seems critical to me, since a very similar issue is one of the things
that’s led me grow to hate MySpace over time.

First, I’ve been getting repeated friend invitations from people who are overly
aggressive business networkers. The kind of people who think quantity is as
important as quality when it comes to networking.

Second, I’m getting repeated invitations to join groups. In some cases, they’re
groups where I’ve previously been a member but decided the group wasn’t right
for me. After leaving, I’m apparently considered a prospect for joining the
group again, so the invites start coming in.

Facebook Spam

It seems like the friend request confirmation process needs a 3rd option beyond
confirm or ignore that allows users to block future requests. That would give me
the control I’m looking for to manage my relationships properly.

The group invite problem could be addressed when leaving groups. A checkbox
saying, “Been there. Done that.” which creates a “not interested” status for a
specific group would clean this up nicely.

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