WiFi Strikes the Cooper Neighborhood of Minneapolis

I noticed the antennas were being installed on Tuesday morning on 46th Ave S while I was on the way to work. Now I see a signal on the home front:

US Internet WiFi in Cooper Neighborhood

7 thoughts on “WiFi Strikes the Cooper Neighborhood of Minneapolis”

  1. Are you guys going to use the city wireless? I want to try it, but I’m not sure if I really need it, since I don’t think I’d use it to replace my home line.

    If I can use the Mpls service at my parents place in Richfield, then that might make me sign up.

  2. I’ll probably stick with Comcast. I have more faith in a wire reaching my home with fast and reliable Internet access over WiFi. I can’t imagine their is much redundancy in the mesh at this point, so if one antenna went down I’d probably be screwed.

  3. I see you have your home system security enabled so that your neighbors can’t share. I would have expected you to open up the WiFi so that all could enjoy your excess bandwidth!

  4. Good point, Nathan. I secured it as an experiment to find out if it made a difference in performance. However, I don’t think my neighbors are technical enough to poach WiFi, so it hasn’t helped. If you’re in the neighborhood, the password is “thedeets”

    Joe, here is what concerns me. I imagine the WiFi I’m picking up at my house is primarily from an antenna at 32nd St E & 46th Ave S. If that particular antenna was to go down, would I be offline, seeing slower performance, or what?

  5. i heard from a friend that MPLS wireless would be hitting the stevens community the beginning of february. i live just a block from the franklin/nicollete and have no signal yet. can anyone offer any news on the progress? i’ve tried to find maps and information, but according to these i should already have a signal!?

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