5 iPhone Nags from Users

We’re now living in day 11 of a world with iPhones, and are starting to find out
that the beautiful device isn’t perfect.

I’ve yet to hear of someone switching back to their previous phone, but for
those who haven’t made the leap yet, here are a few things to consider before
doing so:

1. Apparently, you can
out the SMS storage
. While this is common on some basic phones, I don’t
think it’s possible on Treos or most other smartphones. This could be a problem
for heavy Twitter users.

2. Transferring numbers
as easy as it should be
. I’ve never understood why you can’t pick any area
code you want for a phone. You can with Skype, so why not with a regular phone?

3. Mailbox navigation
be tedious
. The inability to select multiple items leads to inefficient
inbox housekeeping.

4. Photos
sync to your computer
during the standard sync process. It takes a second
step to pull them off your phone.

5. Power users may
into battery issues
. Running out of juice before the day is over is a very
bad thing.

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