Bixby on Katie Couric Delivering Williams College’s Commencement

Brandi over at House of Procrastination breaks down the commencement speech she was forced to sit through at Williams college due to the presence of her family. And who was this speech by? None other than Katie Couric.

It’s kind of like constructive criticism for Couric without the constructive part. Good stuff. This is Brandi’s response to Couric’s trivial point about Williams being the first school with an observatory:

Commencement commentary.

I’m not going to name names but it was probably the first college in the country where students got high on an 1800 observatory with a bong made of a 2-liter bottle of generic pop. Honestly, there are enough rich people on that campus that I am surprised that those people from my entry couldn’t find a legitimate bong. Once again, I’m not naming names (but if I did my name wouldn’t be among those named). Anyway…

If you want to see a GREAT commencement speech, find 15 minutes to watch this one by Steve Jobs at Stanford in 2005:

Now that’s a speech. It doesn’t rely on lame jokes regarding trivia pulled from the school’s website. Instead, it provides insight into how a successful person came to be the person he is. That’s something people can learn from.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Ed. Good times at Suzi’s on Monday.
    Conan O’Brien’s speech to Harvard is pretty good too. I updated this post and put that clip in there. Thanks again!

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