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Jeff Gives ‘Sicko’ and A-

Jeff seems to know something about reviewing movies. First, he gets paid to do it, so someone thinks he’s good enough at it to warrant compensation. But more importantly, I tend to agree with his reviews. With that in mind, he gave Sicko an A- review, and included a few actor performance reviews in his review at Beep Central:

‘Sicko’ an unsettling look at health care system

Michael Moore: Less is Moore. When people think of this man, an image of him thrusting a mic into the face of a CEO is typical. But he’s rarely seen until the end and it pays off in this film.
Grade: B+

George W. Bush: He’s barely in it, with the focus of this film rarely about Democrats and Republicans, but when the President does show up, it’s good for a laugh … typically at his expense.
Grade: A-

Have you seen it yet? I started watching it last night before I realized it was midnight and had a running date with Kyle at 7am.

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