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Professional Dog Runners

Shek found this one:

nyc dog runners

NYC Dog Runners uses a dog running method recommended by veterianarians and dog trainers. We start your dog off slowly and let their body gradualy adjust to the pace of a long run. All of our runners are well trained, bonded, insured, carry water with them and run the dogs individually!

They charge $30 for 30 minute runs and $40 for 45 minutes. No word on what they pay for a 20-miler, fartlek, track workout, or hilly trails.

$60/hr is a pretty solid wage. That’s something like $120,000/yr for someone running 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. One could almost live in Manhattan near their dog clients on that salary.

5 thoughts on “Professional Dog Runners”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile now… For a country that doesn’t really produce very much, given it’s size, America sure is a wealthy country. Someone is making a solid living doing this? I would be so very jealous if this person didn’t have to live in a megaopolis.

    That being said, I might start charging Pancho money every time I take him running.

  2. Yeah, I’ve wondered about this too, from both angles (runner and dogowner). For the runner, how many runs can you fit into a day (3-4?), how can you possibly survive on this ($90-120/day?), how long can you keep up that schedule (7 days/week?, 52 weeks/year?)…I suppose you could job-share to get some non-running days and vacation time off, but then you are diluting your income. So, I’m figuring this is a ‘hobby’ job, something to make some extra bucks and he can fit in around his main job.

    Then, of course, I am constantly amazed at pet-owners who have pockets deep enough to consider hiring someone at a minimum of $80/week just to exercise their dog…$4000/year for a pet, on top of all the vet, food, and etc bills. Yikes.

  3. So, at $4000/yr per dog, you’d probably need at least 20 dogs per week to make $80,000 in NYC, which probably wouldn’t be enough to live near where someone spending $4000 to outsource exercising their dog lives. So, expect to be taking the subway to your clients/workouts.

    Does Pancho realize how good he has it?

    Jeremy, I think they have a 1-dog at a time policy, but maybe they could offer a discount for multiples with a higher aggregate hourly rate?

  4. Hi Everyone, My name is Josh Schermer and I actually run “nyc dog runners”. Dog running is really a part-time job and our runners do no more than 3-4 runs a day and it’s monday through friday. It’s a great part-time wage and some of our dog walkers do this too to bump up their total for the week too. A wide variety of people seem to be interested in running with dogs: everything from working lawyers who’d like to do it in the morning, to students who have a few hourse in the morning before class. Thanks!

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