24 Hours on a Treadmill in New York City

Check out this dude. He has around 9 more hours to go on the treadmill and just hit 91 miles:

Accelerade® 24-Hour Endurance Run

To kick off the national launch of Accelerade, Dean Karnazes will aim high. On June 21, his goal will be to break the world record for a 24-hour distance run on a treadmill (currently set at 153.76 miles) as well as to raise awareness for Athletes for a Cure, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for prostate cancer. The treadmill will be located on a platform attached to the Reuters building in Times Square.

He’s currently on pace for 156 miles, so world record pace.

Thanks, Gabe.

3 thoughts on “24 Hours on a Treadmill in New York City”

  1. Back in my training days, I developed a serious dislike for treadmills. I suppose it was a reflection of the fact, a revelation to me in fact, that I was not a true and natural runner. Anyway, to me, treadmill running was a curse because of its constant constant constant speed. My running style was not naturally smooth enough to handle that unfailing consistency for more than a few miles, probably less than that at one time, and I would lose concentration and mis-step and then have to fight my way back to the center and into the right rhythm.

    Which I think that is what impresses me most about Dean’s run here, that he is smooth enough to handle this constant flow. I think there can be an argument made that running on a treadmill is easier on the joints and the flow of the belt means the runner does not have to generate as much energy as running over unmoving ground…but that constant speed must be hard to take for so very long too, even for an efficient runner.

  2. And he is an MBA…well, everyone has to have some vice in their past, right?

    Seriously though, he has his stuff pretty well assembled, or in other words–his poop is in a group.

    On another note, check out your ‘Related Posts’ for this posting–at least this is what I get now–
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