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FOVD – Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day

We received our first delivery of locally grown organic veggies from Fresh Earth Farms on Monday, and dang were they fresh.

The lettuce was the first thing to go:


We received some things we’re familiar with, like the lettuce above, but also some things we’d never seen before. I figure that makes for great “Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day” content for The Deets, so look for more posts on that in the coming days.

3 thoughts on “FOVD – Fresh Organic Veggie of the Day”

  1. Been reading your blog for awhile now. Good to see the tech crowd getting into good food.

    When I was in college at Iowa State I was always impressed with Minnesota’s organic farm scene.

    Eat yer greens!

  2. Chris, thanks for posting. I love the slogan on your blog: “Farming like there’s a tomorrow” I’m trying to eat like there is one too. If you eat like there is no tomorrow, you may not see it.

    Adam, I believe we get 18 weeks worth of fresh delivered locally grown organic veggies, so this FOVD thing could go on for a while.

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