Fhima’s is Dead

The one time I went to Fhima’s, I really liked it. But apparently not enough to ever go back. The downtown St. Paul location isn’t particularly convenient of centrally located for the peeps I’d hit this type of a place with, that that probably played a roll too.

Fhima’s restaurant to close this weekend

A Pioneer Press article last year detailed mounting financial difficulties for the chef, who was lured to St. Paul by city planners hoping to bring a hip, cutting-edge vibe to the downtown area.

At the time, Fhima vowed to straighten out his finances, and shortly after closed his troubled Louis XIII restaurant in Edina.

However, Louis XIII never had a chance, in my opinion. Yes, that’s easy to say about a place that’s been out of biz for some time. But, as someone who went there when it first opened and experienced Applebee’s style service with pricey meals in a mall-attached restaurant, it’s not like I didn’t warn some people off the place and certainly NEVER recommended it.

I’d like to see the Fhima concept tried at a location in the Twin Cities that may better support the cuisine, such as Moroccan style dishes. Washington Ave in Minneapolis near the Guthrie may draw the right crowd.

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