Danger: Iceland Cliff

IMG_0721, originally uploaded by m_e_mccarron.

The Other Mike has some great photos from his Iceland trip on his Flickr account. I’m a big fan of warning signs, and this one is particularly awesome. Check out action shot of someone heading for the rocks. You never see stuff like this in the US of A.

One thought on “Danger: Iceland Cliff”

  1. Haha, seems you found that one as funny as I did. It stopped me in my tracks when I realized what it was doing. The photo doesn’t catch the real irony, which is that this is not a cliff ahead, rather it is merely an avalanche deflection barrier. Granted, it is a bit steep, but sloped with no drop-offs or cliff faces.

    Then, by the same token, there are major tourist sites there–huge waterfalls and geo-thermal pools and such–where people can walk right up to the edge (and occasionally beyond) with little or no signage or fencing…but at least the berm on the walk into town from the summer house area is safe. 🙂

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