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St Paul Rollerblade Marathon in August

Paul Jahn says he’s doing the St Paul Rollerblade Marathon (technically called the St Paul Inline Marathon, but I’m old skool). He suggested that I should do it too over beers at Maxell’s.

I’m interested, but damn, I need to get out on the blades if this is going to be fun.

And check out the winning times. 23MPH average for 26.2 miles for a 1:08:15? That’s ridiculous.

And the top 12 finishers were within 8.8 seconds of each other? Dude!

2 thoughts on “St Paul Rollerblade Marathon in August”

  1. Those guys are nuts! All in lycra, 5 giant wheels on each skate and all that.

    I’ll be comfortable in nice, loose gym attire at a leisurely 11-12 mph pace. Lets hit that Shepherd/Warner Road trail in St. Paul!

  2. It seems like rollerblading 26.2 miles shouldn’t be all that difficult for the casual rollerblader. I suspect if I tried it I’d be proven wrong, though. If for no other reason than I don’t think I’ve ever kept my skates on my feet that long and there’s probably some unforseen chafing/blister potential.

    Get crackin’, Ed!

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