Honda to Drop Accord Hybrid for Diesel Version?

Green Car Congress (via TerraPass blog) is reporting that Honda’s Accord hybrid has been losing traction in the market and may be replaced with a diesel model. Apparently, this may be biodiesel friendly.

Honda to abandon hybrids for diesel?

GreenCarCongress is now reporting that Honda is canning the hybrid Accord, and instead focusing their energies on clean diesel. We discussed VW’s new “clean TDI” Jetta two weeks ago, and it appears that Honda maybe following a similar strategy. The 2009 Accord will include a diesel engine that also meets the Tier-2 bin-5 emissions standards (translation: street legal in California). For biodiesel enthusiasts, this would mean two mainstream, popular cars available in diesel versions.

I found out earlier this week that Karl Granroth is burning veggies via Twitter. Perhaps his next car will be an Accord?

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