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Shamu’s Cult’s Signature Move

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For those of you who haven’t been to Seaworld, the Shamu show is cult-like, and reminds me a lot of Ted Haggard’s evangelical church in Colorado.

It has a fell good pre-show shown on four massive rotating screens, and tells the story of a young boy who gets to know a whale as a pre-pubescent teen and grows up to be a killer whale trainer at Seaworld.

That’s followed up with a special message from Anheiser Busch the IXth (or so) who tells us that beer saves whales or something. It was hard to follow after a per-Shamu pilsner of Budweiser, which is as easy to find as cotton candy at Seaworld.

So, once the whales – there’s like four of them and none of them are ACTUALLY NAMED SHAMU – came out, we were hypnotised into doing “Shamu’s” special spash call that goes something like, “huh, huh, Shamu.”

The video is my reenactment of my Shamu call, which drove one of the whale to swim on its side along the edge of the pool while flicking it’s tail, splashing the first 16 rows of the Shamu cult.

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