Relocating to Silicon Valley Through the Twitters of Anthony Nemitz

Recent University of Minnesota Computer Science graduate, Anthony Nemitz,
decided that California was the place to be after finishing college this spring.
So, he packed up his bags and made the move while Twittering about the

Here’s a play by play of the trip from
Twitter profile

May 23, 2007

  • 12 hours and my journey begins

May 24, 2007

  • Getting my internet fix before a
    long drive
  • 15 minutes until the journey to
    Cali begins:
  • In Rawlins, Wyoming for the night.
    900 miles down, 900 miles to go.

May 25, 2007

  • Starting out another day of driving
  • waiting in line for a reno hotel
    room. let the games begin

May 26, 2007

  • Rockin in San Jose
  • Looking for places in South Bay
  • Nap
  • Going to see Pirates

May 27, 2007

May 28, 2007

  • at Panera for startup brainstorming

May 29, 2007

  • In south SF for
    @sushisystems interview

May 30, 2007

  • Hackin some internet connections at
    Kappa Sigma
  • I shopped. I dropped. And now
    laying in bed.
  • Food with Jason and looking at

May 31, 2007

Anthony Nemitz on Twitter

In just over a week, Anthony managed to move 1900 miles by car, survive a night
in Reno, and find a new job, all while staying connected with friends through
Twitter using, his cell phone, and Facebook.

It sounds like he still may be homeless – or sleeping on a friend’s couch – but
he’s clearly made a successful transition to Silicon Valley while finding time
to watch a few movies.

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