Click-Happy Photographers

I’ve gotten some crap about taking over 1000 photos on our most recent vacation. Sure, that’s quite a few. But, check out this stat from Jeremy Toeman’s recent trip to the hospital for the birth of his child:

As a “on-topic” item, here’s a list of all the gadgets I took to the hospital

* Digital camera (Canon SD700is) – usage: approximately 600 photos in 48 hours
* RCA Small Wonder – usage: lots of video, easy download to PC, easy edits, worked great, no silly videotape needed
* Laptop + EVDO card – usage: sent photos to family at night, made Muvee mix of especially cute photos
* iRiver clix – usage: made awesome relaxation playlist for labor, never used it
* QuikPod – usage: tripod for extra video recording, still love my quikpod!
* Cell phones – usage: mostly ignored

At that pace, he wound have hit 7000+ photos on my vacation. See. I’m actually fairly normal compared to Jeremy.

4 thoughts on “Click-Happy Photographers”

  1. They say you only get 2 good shot per “roll,” which is what, like 1 in 18? So basically you got about 55 really good pictures.
    How often does one go to Croatia anyway… I’m guessing you might want to remember that!

  2. I am a photo junkie, and the more I take the more I have to choose from when sharing, posting, framing, or putting in an album. And with digital there’s no wasted cost of film or developing photos you really don’t like. I say go ahead and take as many damn pictures as you want. 😉

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