Passive Aggressive Notes

We have a neighbor who is VERY territorial about street parking. Basically, if you park in front of their house on the public street, expect a nasty-gram on your car explaining how inconsiderate it was of you to park in front of their house even though you’re visiting us.

Rather than inform all of our friends that they should avoid parking in front of this particular neighbor’s house, we passive aggressively fuel the fire by passively allowing our friends to park wherever they darn well please (darn well please is an awesome passive aggressive way to swear) on the public street.

Nasty-grams left for our friends have ended up behind a magnet on our refrigerator from time to time. However, now there is another outlet where we can share in the irrational irritation of our neighbors: Passive Aggressive Notes.

Here’s a good one

What surprises me is now many notes are posted about cleanliness issues with women’s bathrooms, including one about the MAD BOMBER who’s asked to please stay seated during the entire performance.

Hat tip, rex.

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