Can Vegans Find a Date?

The Star Tribune ran an interesting column on the challenges of finding a date if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. It turns out that it’s tough to find people who eat as healthily as they are. And especially difficult to find others who share the same passion for what they’re willing to eat:

Veggie tales

Finding love among these strict vegetarian singles, the so-called ecosexuals, can be difficult.

“If you have compassion for animals and your soul mate is eating one, you’re going to diverge,” said Chris Beckley, head of the Vegetarian Society of Colorado in Denver. As a result, Beckley said, the vegetarian population is full of “available, nice single people who are single for a long time.”

Ecosexuals? That sounds a bit too much like molestation of organically grown produce for my taste.

The web comes to the rescue with sites like where vegetarians can find each other.

On the other end of the spectrum are sites for people with a much different take on food: and similar sites cater to “Big Beautiful Women and their Admirers.” Chances are pretty good that there isn’t much cross-over between and

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