The Minnesota Meme

Paul Jahn tagged me with a Minnesota meme a while back where I’m supposed to post three things about Minnesota. It looks like he got it from the source, Aaron Weiche, who breaks it down like this:

Minnesota Meme: Trip around the state

So I’m talking matters into my own hands and starting a Minnesota Blog Meme. Requirements are simple, fill us in on three things about MN ….anything … what you love, what you hate, where you visit, where you party, where you blog from, just keep it Minne-sooo-tan. Then tag three other MN bloggers.

Progressive people: Minnesota – at least MY Minnesota – has people who care about each other and try to make life better for people beyond themselves. Yet you don’t find yourself struggling over which ribbon you need to wear before leaving the house like SFO.

Seasons: Brings variety to outdoor sports where I can play ultimate and broomball. It’s important to have variety in pre-beer sports.

Trails: You can get just about anywhere on a bike in Minnesota. The big cities have plenty of trails, and everywhere else has so little traffic you can bike without too many problems.

Okay, moving on. Now it’s time to do some tagging. Here are three great local bloggers who are in need of a nudge. Here’s their excuse for a fresh post:

Life by the Falls – Nathan
TV Snacks – Anne
Jackalope Ranch – Mike

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