30-Day Challenge Update for April

Last month’s 30-day challenge was initially scheduled to be, “Don’t eat any packaged food.” Well, that didn’t happen, but we did pull off a somewhat less ambitious challenge: “don’t go out to eat alone, or just with eat other.” Not exactly difficult. Mission accomplished. Bring the troops home.

This month’s plan is to: “Go for a walk outside every day” and “take at least 3 pictures a day.” The pictures are flowing in, but Carly and I haven’t seen each other to go for a walk yet this month. And walking alone is kind of like drinking alone.

I’ve also thrown in, “No high fructose corn syrup.” This was kind of tough on the road trip back from Fort Wayne since we had a stash of Mike & Ike’s and Hot Tamales within arm’s reach at all times. If I find myself in need of a Coke, I may be able to find Mexican Coke at Costco or at many of the stores along E Lake Street.

via Kottke & Serious Eats

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