2717 Penn Avenue North

Kyle, Katie, and I were up near this address on Sunday looking for a pick-up game of Ultimate. We didn’t have any luck finding a game at the park we checked, so we cruised down to Nokomis instead. Who knew you could buy a house for under $10,000 around there?

2717 Penn Avenue North has a new owner, and it’s you | buzz.mn

Citizens of Minneapolis, as of Friday, April 27, you own the condemned house at 2717 Penn Av. N. It needs a new roof, the floors are spongy, the siding partially ripped off and two floors have been partially burned. Fortunately, you didn’t pay much for it. The city bought it for $5,000, Elfric Porte, manager of single family housing for the city’s Community Planning and Economic Development department, told me on Tuesday. The sale price makes it all the more puzzling that the seller, Deutsche Bank, had paid $178,159.65 for it only 11 months earlier at a foreclosure auction.

2 thoughts on “2717 Penn Avenue North”

  1. You give me a picture of hershey squirts, but you can’t snap a photo of a $10,000 house? Well, I guess I won’t be moving to Minny after all.

  2. Well, he probably would have taken a photo, but for the drug dealer hanging by the tree on the boulevard guarding his rocks stuffed in the hole in the tree might have taken offense and shot first and asked questions never.

    Disclaimer: I am making this up based on my experience working on a house about 5 blocks from there three years ago, it is a tough tough neighborhood there, arguably the worst in the entire twin cities area. I saw a couple drug deals and one bust in one week of replacing windows across the street.

    It was more street life than I’ve experienced anywhere else in my life here in the cities, even more than giving the prostitute a ride home one night, which ranks second on the ‘how did I get into this’ ranking.

    27th and Penn house for $10,000…umm, no thanks.

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