FUH2 Gary, Indiana

FUH2 Gary, Indiana, originally uploaded by edkohler.

This H2 had a special, “In God We Trust” license plate, which I think confirms that Jesus would drive a Hummer.

Gary, Indiana smells bad.

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  1. The IN God We Trust license plate is standard. As a matter of fact, people were protesting because they said it violated the separation of church and state. I’m from Gary and it does smell; it’s an industrial city, but I love it cause it’s my home.

  2. Last time I checked “In God We Trust” was the motto of the United States. Any moron who feels offended by that is welcome to move to Iran or North Korea or any of the other delightful places that wouldn’t offend their immature and tender sensibilities.

  3. Hey, “In God We Trust” on a Hummer isn’t as bad as those dickheads that have the environmental plates or the Save The Children plates on a Hummer thats a walking (or in this case “rolling”) contradiction.

  4. just out of curiosity…what do you drive? way to act your age. i thought we grew out of that in like what high school at the very least. wow

  5. Jen, poking fun at the ridiculous never grows old for me. Are you suggesting that I’m out of line in doing so?

    As you can probably imagine, I don’t judge my personal or net worth based on what I drive, which probably contributes to thw FUH2 disconnect. To answer your question, I have a 1996 Saturn SW1 that simply won’t die. If you search this site for Graffiti Video you can see it in action.

  6. So you’re flipping ppl off because of having a standard issue Indiana license plate??.. That makes a ton of sense. Being against religion or whatever your stance is is one thing, but what you did in this photo is completely uncalled for and completely immature. You’re not going to get a lot of support through behavior like this… But I don’t see why I’m surprised, this type of behavior seems to be pretty typical behavior of the people that i know from that region of the country.. Sorry to those of you who do not act in this way

  7. That is a profound question: What WOULD Jesus drive? I kinda picture him in a Prius.

    Regardless, do you think that if Jesus was driving and someone cut him off, he’d be like, “Jesus Christ, did you see that guy cut me off?!?”

  8. Actually the God plate is one of the two standard Indiana license plates, the other is a plain blue and white nondescript license plate. You have to CHOOSE the God plate when you get your vehicle plated.

    I feel let down every time I drive by one, personally. If you want to stick gold fish or Jebus stickers all over your car, fine, but a license plate should be plain jane and doing its duty of IDing your vehicle, not advertising your beliefs in an imaginary sky daddy to the world.

  9. You my friend are a moron for posting this page. Where is that real tolerance that a true Atheist should practice?? You have just showed that you stoop to their level, and you are no better than them! As a real Atheist you need to actually study religion to understand what you are even saying. You are extremely ignorant. Since when does a belief in God imply they believe in JESUS? Jesus is only God to the CHRISTAINS. How do you assume that the driver of that Hummer is a Christain?? Many religions believe in God and not Jesus. Jesus is a christain belief and you have NO idea if they are christain because of a lience plate that says “In God We Trust”. Some of these other comments on this page are idiotic also. Like about Iran?? Give me a break, Iran is MORE conservative than the USA is. They do not have a seperation of church and state that was have and are still living in their stone age conservative sharia society.

  10. Actually, that looks a lot like Governor Daniels’ Hummer! Zoe, you are wrong; E Pluribus Unum was and always has been the official motto of the United States. In God We Trust was adopted for use on coinage during the Civil War. I fought as did my father and all his father’s before him to preserve Ed’s right to flip off a stupid license plate! As for the rest of your self-righteous umbrage…blow it out your ass!

  11. Those plates “In God We Trust” are usually associated with rude, diffident, or downright dangerous sociopathic asshole drivers in Indiana.

    “In God We Trust, because we don’t trust you or your driving, asshole!”

    “In God We Trust to forgive our sad, sociopathic, religious asses.”

    “In God We Trust to magically hide our license plate number as we barrel through traffic to acheive our spiritual potential through corporate profit.”

    “In God We Trust to keep us alive, you “christian” drivers are apparently psychotic assholes!”

    Who need fear Satan with one of these sick fuckers on the road near you??!!

  12. You’re such a pussy. UH OH! Check out this badass! He’s giving the finger to that Hummer for being too right wing!! Oh, what? the windows are rolled up and the hummer is passing you (lol), never mind, you managed to show everyone that you’re a little girl who hides before he bemoans typical middle american values.
    And you know what? We’re not in a George Orwell novel, people can have a mention of any god they so choose because it’s a free country and one of the great things about it is that we can freely express religion. People like you who have to nit-pick every detail until this world is one giant POLITICALLY CORRECT CESSPOOL are the problem, not people who choose to worship a god. I don’t personally identify with a religion but apparently I’m one of the only ones here who chooses to be a rational individual.
    On a side note, Hummers are dumb because they suck money out of your pockets and damage the environment. If you feel this way, I would hope that you would be moved to do more than flip it off as is PASSES YOU, you lace-curtain yuppie. It doesn’t even look like your car is much better.

  13. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this site but here I am. I had the displeasure of reading these awful comments where people seem generally confused about religion, american history, politics and spelling. I’ll start with the conservative cases since they are the most severe.

    Zoe: You are correct that the motto is in fact “In God We Trust.” Your sense of history is off though if you feel that people should, “move to Iran or North Korea” if they are offended by the motto. The motto was only officially adopted during the Cold War to separate ourselves from Communist countries. Religious freedom and the right to free speech are cornerstones of our democracy. Asking someone to move to another country because they disagree is as un-American as it gets.

    Michael Young: While you and your family may have fought for out country (and I thank you for that), your knowledge of history is seriously lacking. E Pluribus Unum is a motto used on money and the official seal only. It is not and has not ever been an official motto. “In God We Trust” is the official motto. Put down your weapon and pick up a book.

    Jose: We have another genius who’s confused about our civil liberties. I’m sorry but if you can defend someone’s desire to have bumper stickers or other notifications of religious beliefs you have to also respect the ability to criticize such displays. It goes both ways.

    Liam: Your response is very popular with republicans in the US but it tends to say more about the critic than the one being criticized. Being offended, expressing your offense, and even offending someone are all hallmarks of free speech. The last thing we ever need is someone believing that “if you don’t like it, get out of the US” is an appropriate response to an opinino.

  14. Gollee, Mr. Levy, should I bow and scrape and be grateful that you would share your obvious copious wisdom and knowledge? I do, in fact, know something about American history and yes indeed “E Pluribus Unum” was the original and officially adopted motto of the United States. As I said “In God We Trust” was first adopted on coinage during the Civil War when Lincoln’s Secretary of Treasury Salmon Chase was harangued by a Baptist preacher into putting it on coins and currency and it was finally adopted as the official motto by a reactionary Republican Congress in 1956. I would not have bothered responding to your post had it not been for the patronizing tone of it. Condescension always sets my teeth on edge and requires a response.

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