FUH2 Fort Wayne, IN

FUH2 Fort Wayne, IN, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Ben from Bencredible.com has contributed this FUH2 shot he grabbed at the Grand Fort Wayne Convention Center.

He’s so modest, he said I didn’t even need to give him credit for the photo but I simple couldn’t take credit for his middle finger.

9 thoughts on “FUH2 Fort Wayne, IN”

  1. Hey buddy:
    It’s the Grand Wayne Center, not Grand Fort Wayne Center. The Center is named after Anothony Wayne, not his fort.
    I love that Fort Wayne Sky Line.

  2. Firstly there would’nt be a Fort Wayne, had it not been for the fact that “Mad Anthony Wayne” as he was also known was an alcoholic, and had great stores of Whiskey in barrels in his company, and had built the fort to protect and defend the whiskey not a town, which at the time was controled mostly by Miami Indians,many decendents of which still live in “Fort Wayne” today…
    So the” Grand Wayne Center” may very well be grand, but the history behind the name is a tad smudged, I mean after all if you’re going to make things up to suit your modern delicate sensibilities, so as to remember them fondly, then why isn’t “Fort Wayne” “Fort Oz” or perhaps “Land-o-plenty”…

    My point is dont be so sarcastic with corrections on blogs theres always somebody who knows the truth behind you……………..

  3. Get a life, if someone can afford to drive it who gives a flying freak.

    What great use of time.

  4. @Matt, H2’s cost extend beyond the purchase price. I don’t criticize H2 owner’s decision to spend a lot on a car. I agree that it’s their money. However, I do care about the external costs Hummer drivers push on us.

    I have to breathe the air that’s wastefully polluted. I gave to pay higher gas prices due to increased demand due to wasteful gas use. I gave to pay for the additional wear and tear on roads damaged faster by unnecessarily heavy vehicles. And by life is put in unnecessary danger by sharing the road with unnecessarily large passenger vehicles.

  5. Welcome to America… dick head! land of the free and home of pursuers. Go move to europe where you’ll be poor, lazy, and living with your parents till your 40.

  6. @H dawg, your comment would have made more sense back when the Hummer was still being produced. Apparently, America got sick of the Hummer, which may say something about your comment too.

  7. Why did you not give the finger to the Chevy Avalanche and Tahoe next to the H2? What about the Lexus RX 350? All are carbon-spewing land barges. What about the prodigious amount of artificial lighting in the area? You were standing on some type of parking structure. Did you drive there? Really?? Sometimes I forget–environmentalism requires hypocrisy.

  8. @Ed is a hypocrite, I’ll not sure how choosing one symbol of waste to make fun of makes me a hypocrite, but I will concede that I did carpool to that location. In the end, the market seems to have concluded that H2s are not justifiable, since they are no longer made.

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