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Spill The Wine Review

I checked out Spill the Wine with Katie and Kyle on Sunday night. Cool spot. They serve flights in fancy 3-glass wine racks that take up a lot of room, but they’re fun to look at. We weren’t sure if we were supposed to start at the bottom or top, so we mixed it up. Later – after some wine – we asked, but I forgot.

Jeremy Iggers has some thoughts on Spill The Wine on his new personal food blog:

Iggers’ Digest: Spill The Wine – Early Days

Back when I worked at the big paper, we had a rule that we wouldn’t critically review a restaurant until it had been open for at least a month.

But then I realized – hey – I don’t work at the big paper any more.

The wine, service, and layout of the place were all up to par on my visit. I really liked my Cobb Salad since it was made with real lettuce rather than the iceberg variety.

It didn’t have as intimate of a feel as I’d expect. The lighting was a little bright, and it seems like the pace of foot traffic is a bit fast for proper wine enjoyment.

As of right this instant, I’d rank my top-5 wine bars in the Twin Cities thusly:

1. Riverview Wine Bar – Minneapolis in Longfellow Neighborhood
2. Cesare’s – Stillwater
3. Toast – North Loop
4. Spill The Wine – Minneapolis on Washington
5. Willie’s Wine Bar – Minneapolis near Loring Park

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