Comparing High School Athletic Fields

My flight from Toronto yesterday afternoon approached MSP over Stillwater, along I-694 to Maple Grove, then made a U-Turn taking things toward the airport from the West starting around Wayzata.

While heading East, I grabbed shots of three high schools and their athletic fields:

Hopkins High School and Athletic Fields

I count 8 tennis courts, eight baseball/softball diamonds, a hockey arena, a football stadium, a football practice field made of turf grass, etc.

St. Louis Park (Flory, is your new house in this photo?):
St. Louis Park High School adn Athletic Fields

Washburn High School and Track

It’s interesting to see how the acreage gets progressively smaller as I moved into the city from a 2nd and 1st ring suburb. What’s funny is that while Hopkins dwarfs Washburn for field sizes, it’s nothing compared to what Eden Prairie or Chaska have to offer.

3 thoughts on “Comparing High School Athletic Fields”

  1. Hey, i go to the hopkins high school and that is not a hocky arena. That is the structure in the junior high. It has 4 tennis/basketball/and rock climbing area. The hockey arena is in downtown hopkins.

  2. And also the Lindbergh Center is in the hopkins high and has 6 basketball courts, and the high school also has an old gym with 2 courts.

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