High End Home Sales in the Twin Cities

Alex Stenbeck has a list of recent high-end sold homes on his site worth check out if you’re into that sort of thing. Here are two (both condos) that stood out to me:

High Dollar Homes, On the Record: Top Twin Cities Residential Sales

  • 370 Marshall Ave # 605, St. Paul , Residential. Buy: Jack Weatherford & Margery Pearce, Sell: Cathedral Hll Neighbor Redev L. PP: $1,582,681. DP: $1,582,681.
  • 350 N Main St # 320, Stillwater , Residential. Buy: Mark Harrold & Susan Harrold, Sell: Four Star Land Development Of. PP: $1,406,004. DP: $1,406,004.

Marshall Ave has sure turned around since Flory and I lived just a few doors from that address back in 1999-2000.

Stillwater’s new developments downtown seem to be moving fast. Google’s maps are way out of date for Stillwater, where tons of new condos line Main St rather than empty lots.

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