Farve Gets His Chips at Calhoun

If you were an NFL legend who could buy and sell the town of Green Bay, Wisconsin, where would you go for your wood chips?

Farve Woodchips

That’s right. Lake Calhoun. In uniform, no less.

In case you didn’t know, Favre keeps in shape in the off-season by picking up some landscaping work in Linden Hills.

Closed circuit to Mike and Bill, this is a joke. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Farve Gets His Chips at Calhoun”

  1. I cannot believe you’d claim that man is Brett Favre. The Deets is an influential website and to joke about Brett Favre stopping by Lake Calhoun without even calling me to help him shovel woodchips while I worship him is irresponsible, egregious, and totally reprehensible (channeling Jackie Chiles). The Freets would never do something so childish.

    That actually looks like a Watson boy from Stillwater, but it could be the angle and the distance.

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