Jon Gordon Covers TE – Imus Story for American Public Media

Jon Gordon found last week’s story and resulting controversy about Don Imus’ supposed replacement interesting from an Internet journalism standpoint and ran a story about it today.

If you’re a National Public Radio listener, you may have heard it earlier today. It turns out more of my friends are NPR listeners than I previously knew based on the SMS messages I received after it was broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio this morning.

Gordon includes comments from Robert Scoble, Steve Borsch, and myself in the story. It was a pleasure to finally meet (by phone) the man behind the voice I’ve heard on the radio for years.

Gordon raises some interesting points. Questions this raises for me are:

1. Are bloggers journalists in the traditional journalist sense?

2. Who decides what a blogger can write about?

3. How important is consistency? If your character isn’t consistent, should your writing be?

4. For bloggers who consider themselves journalists, what responsibilities do they have to vet the stories they’re publishing for their readers?

5. Could blogger’s reliance on mainstream media’s vetted news stories be one reason we haven’t seen something like this before?

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