Technology Evangelist Replaced by Charles McCord on Imus Show

So, I made up the
Evangelist temporarily replacing Imus thing. This was a subtle, but key line
to the story:

Wow, it feels like we’re running 11 days behind.

As in, 11 days behind on April Fool’s jokes.

Can you run an April Fool’s joke on days other than April 1st? The precedent was
set on March 31st, when
Arrington went early
. I, on the other hand, went late: way late.

Here’s the back story:

I was out rollerblading after work yesterday when I received a Tweet from Chuck
Olson, announcing that
had hired Don Imus
. While high on fresh air and exercise, I thought to
myself, “who’s going to replace Imus? Maybe we should.” So I whipped together
the post.

It looks like I beat CBS by around 3 hours on
announcement that Imus’ sidekick, Charles McCord, would be the temporary

I thought people would find the story entertaining, yet implausible. A tech
podcast stepping into a $15 million national radio show spot? Cool.

jumped on it
, and based on his post’s time stamp, somehow linked to the
story 3 minutes before it went live. I
the “release” to Twitter
and received some
responses of encouragement

LayZ bought it half-way in
. His analysis of the situation was perfect, but he wasn’t willing
to call

CBS needs to fill the time with
something. But NO WAY this carries an adequate audience for Imus’ time slot, or
makes up the $15MM in lost advertising and syndication revenue CBS will realize
by their over-reaction in firing Imus.

A few more observations
before getting back to our regularly scheduled programming:

1. Bloggers love ripping the mainstream media, but obviously admire it as well
based on the buzz created by a crossover story.

2. It’s encouraging to hear that Technology Evangelist’s content is at a level
where this could be considered plausible. We’ll try to live up to that going

3. A lot of people clearly get their news from blogs. CBS’ announcement that
they’re going with McCord hit around 3 hours after my post, but the comments
kept rolling in. Congrats to Dawn Scire for
it in the comments.

4. Augie De Bliek, Jr. just figured it out in the comments:

“Wow, it feels like we’re running 11 days behind.”

That would have been April Fool’s Day, folks. There’s your joke.

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