Darrel Austin on the Iraq War as a Software Project

Funny stuff:

If the Iraq War were a design firm/software vendor project:

Strategery Consulting Inc: You need to hire us to build you a web site.

People LLC: Oh. Really? Why?

SC: Well, our research has shown that your main competitor, Widgets Inc., is about to release a new killer app!

PL: Umm…our main competitor is Doodads And More.

SC: Whatever…that’s not important. What’s important is that you hire us.

PL: Well, OK. How much is it going to cost?

SC: It’s too risky to the project to specify any cost, but it shouldn’t cost more than 5 figures.

PL: How long will it take?

SC: A week? Maybe a month? We doubt more than 2 months.

And on it on it goes. Classic.

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