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Lexus Sweater

Lexus Collar?

Is it just me, or does it look like the woman in this photo is wearing a black Lexus sweater. Seriously, who wears a sweater with a Lexus logo on it? It that some kind of baby boomer Nascar thing that I’m not aware of?

I took this photo at the Timberwolves game tonight of a woman sitting court side. Upon closer inspection, it turns out she was wearing court side credentials that hung from a Lexus lanyard. And the seat she was sitting in – along with all of the other court side seats – was also sponsored by Lexus.

Frankly, I know people who would wear Lexus clothing. Toyota, there’s an opportunity here, and the margins are huge. Why are you selling reliable cars when you could be selling disposable clothing?

2 thoughts on “Lexus Sweater”

  1. My boss went to the game last night. $700.00/ea for one of those passes and all the goodies that went along with it!

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