The Day I Met Danny Kastner

I recently interviewed Danny Kastner, the CEO of a web video company called FanRocket. You may remember him from The Apprentice. He played a guitar and kept breaking into song. After this encounter, it was obvious to me why The Apprentice casting had to have this guy on their show.

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Do you remember Season 3 of The Apprentice? I was a HUGE fan of Season 1, a moderate fan of Season 2, and by Season 3, I was just barely hanging on. However, there was one character on Season 3 who made things interesting, and that was Danny Kastner. He was the guy on the book smarts team who carried around a guitar and tried to turn every situation into a singable moment.

As his Apprentice 3 bio mentions, he is a kinda guy, having run a company called POPstick back in the day. Now he’s the CEO of FanRocket. What does FanRocket do? Watch the video to find out . . . I guess. If the video doesn’t explain it, FanRocket creates web video based community websites for businesses such as televisions shows.

Kanster opened his pitch on why he should be the next Apprentice with the sentence, “Donald Trump is not looking for clones.” He certainly wouldn’t have gotten a clone out of Danny.

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