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Frustrated Skyway Protestors

School of Americas Protest, originally uploaded by radio.sputnik.

The photographer taking this picture of a woman passing out information regarding the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC) (formerly the School of the Americas) in the Minneapolis skyway system mentioned that few people (1:10) bothered to acknowledge the group and even less (1:25) would take printed materials.

radio.sputnik (the person writing the photo description) concluded, “I guess we are just too busy with our own lives to concern ourselves with human rights abuses.”

Frankly, I think that’s an unfair description of the people in the skyways. Chances are pretty good that they were rushing to or from work, rushing to grab a quick lunch, rushing to get their driver’s license renewed, rushing to their court date, or rushing to a job interview.

Chances are pretty good that they didn’t head downtown to walk the skyways to with excess time on their hands, just waiting for an opportunity to arise where they can educate themselves about an issue others are clearly passionate about.

The same people who brushed by the issues group may be open and receptive to the same information in a different situation, so assuming they’re “just too busy with their own lives” to listen to every skyway pitch is a dangerous proposition.

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