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Beware of the Popcorn Panhandler

An alert from the Minneapolis SAFE team:

“ Last week I had a young man, about 15-16 years old that came to the door with Popcorn and a business card from a “local” church. He said he was part of a “keep kids off the streets” program and wanted a donation of $5 or more for a bag of popcorn. I asked him if he had any other literature and he said no. I checked the web for the church, it was no longer there, and the phone had been disconnected. I called 311 to report it and they suggested I call 911, as there has been a “group” of people working this apparent scam for a few weeks. Just thought it may be a good FYI. “

Buttered or salted?

I haven’t encountered Mr. Popcorn Panhandler yet, but Carly turned away a door to door shovel salesperson during the last snowstorm of the year. Just a guy with a shovel. Probably our neighbor’s.

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