Lone Star Reviewed

I’ve never had a Lone Star, but I believe they’re available at Psycho Suzi’s. I may have to give one a try after reading this positive review from The Bottle Gang in Austin last week:

The Bottle Gang: SXSW REPORT: Lone Star Beer

So what’s it got to recommend it? Pretty much the same downhome appeal that leads Midwesterners to champion any of the aforementioned brands, or Pabst Blue Ribbon or any other such low brow beer that isn’t a Lowenbrau. It’s as much a statement of non-conformity as it is a statement of a populist sentiment. It ain’t something so disgusting as Bud Light or Coors Light, but it’s not so pretentious as even a Sam Adams. It’s not so much a flavor experience as it is a vessel for good times.

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