One thought on “Airport Exasperation”

  1. I will never fly into Minne”Hapless” -St. Paul airport again. First, getting flight arrival/departure info is difficult if you fly an airline other than Northwest. Even in baggage claim area. We walked all the way from end of “A” corridor to end of “E” and didn’t see any flight info for AA until we got to gate. 2nd, getting a wheel chair is exasperating. If you need a wheelchair for yourself or parent, don’t fly into this airport. Most airports have wheelchairs easily available for use. Only way you get one at this place is to wait 20-30 minutes for a porter. If you happen to be riding from check-in to the “A” corridor, you will have to change wheelchairs several times as well as ride in a golf cart. It took 40 minutes before my mother-in-law finally arrived at gate. I watched her pushed away by the porter, then went to ticket counter, through security and walked all the way to gate. Still got to gate before her and had no idea what had happened to her. This airport ranks right up there with Atlanta and Chicago O’hare as the worst airports in the country.

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