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Minneapolis WiFi Update

Peter Fleck has a great update on the Minneapolis WiFi scene. It turns out it’s available now in Seward. He even has a link to a map of the WiFi antennas.

The PF HYPER Blog: Wireless in Minneapolis

If you live in the Seward area, you can also subscribe to the system for $14.95/month (1-3Mbps) or $24.95/month (3-6Mbps). The subscription service is in place as they sent out a mailing a while back.

A comfortable place for wireless exploration would be the 2nd Moon Coffee Shop at 2225 East Franklin Avenue. You should be able to see the USI Wireless network there and you can browse the Web via the free wireless at 2nd Moon if you don’t want to pay USI for some browsing time.

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  1. So my Google alert lights up with a PF Hyper reference at something called “The Deets.” I figure SPAM BLOG! But it’s you, Ed! Thanks for the pleasant surprise, the nice words, and the link.

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