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Reetsyburger’s Take on the St. Paul Curling Club

Marie Martin has a fun post about her experience at the St. Paul Curling Club:

Curling is Cool and Cold but not Especially Hot

Curlers are serious about their sport. I heard many skips screaming “SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!” as sweepers damn near gave themselves curling elbow.

Curlers don’t wear sexy outfits.

When Kirk of All Four Seasons has talked up curling to me, he’s focused more on the strategery and drinking aspects of the game. While both interest me, screaming, “SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!” at Kirk sounds kinda fun too.

One thought on “Reetsyburger’s Take on the St. Paul Curling Club”

  1. It is indeed a guy dominated sport, as in more guys play than girls. That being said, we (our 4 guy team) got our butts kicked by Cassie Johnson and company the other day. Who, you may ask is Cassie Johnson? Maybe I should have said 2006 Olympian Cassie Johnson and company. She actually plays in our league. How cool is that? It would be like having Johan Santana pitch to you in slow pitch softball. What a sport!

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