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I Don’t Consider Eating at Restaurants with Smoking

I couldn’t agree more with Rick Nelson’s analysis of this smoking restaurant. I removed the name of the restaurant since the same statement could be made about every restaurant that allows smoking today:

Now open: A giant, all-American menu – with a helping of smoke

What hit me as I first walked into [__________________] was not the bustling opening-night crowd. It wasn’t the spacious setting, either. It was the cigarette smoke. I guess I’ve been dining in smoke-free Hennepin and Ramsey counties a bit too much, because after spending a half-hour in the place — located two blocks over the Anoka County line from smoke-free Minneapolis — my throat was dry, my eyes were watering and my clothes reeked. And we were seated in the nonsmoking section.

My dining, and thus dollars, goes to smoke free environments.

One thought on “I Don’t Consider Eating at Restaurants with Smoking”

  1. I totally agree with this, a few weeks back, I was heading out to eat with a former coworker and we just wanted to talk over a simple meal, so we picked some ordinary looking sports bar in Brooklyn Park a few miles north of where he lives in Robbinsdale. We walked in and, poof, the cig smoke was immediately repellent.

    But we thought it was just near the entryway/bar area, so we kept going and were seated, and proceeded to suffer through a smoke-filled meal. We left immediately after paying and drove to a coffeehouse to find a place where we could actually enjoy our conversation.

    Never going there again, or anywhere else that allows smoking.

    I still think the best thing that ever happened to smokers was the ban, because now they get outside to smoke in the clean and fresh air each day instead of hibernating inside smoke-filled rooms.

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