Running Bank Robbery Errands in Seward

This dude robbed the Wells Fargo, stopped into Zipp’s (next door) to pick up some booze, then grabbed a sandwich at Milio’s (next door) before catching the bus (outside Milio’s)?

Bank robber stops at liquor store, food store, before getaway on bus

A man who robbed a south Minneapolis bank Monday afternoon made the liquor store his next stop, then went into a sandwich shop and finally made his getaway on a bus.

The robber who held up the Wells Fargo branch at 2600 E. Franklin Av. just after 3 p.m. was seen a few minutes later buying a bottle of liquor at a store next to the bank, said FBI special agent Paul McCabe.

That’s a pretty casual getaway. I can’t say that I’m particularly impressed with the police response time to a bank robbery in the middle of Seward at three in the afternoon. I was under the impression that guys like this were generally caught with a sandwich in their hand.

And what’s with the Well’s Fargo employees? Didn’t ANYONE take a peek outside to see where the guy went? I’m not talking about a heroic act like chasing down a robber, but a quick look may have helped. Now we have not one, but two bank robbers on the loose:

It was the second bank robbery in less than a week in south Minneapolis. Last Wednesday a woman walked into the TCF Bank in the Cub Foods at 2850 26th Av. S. and presented a teller with a note demanding money. She received an undisclosed amount of cash. She left on foot with a man waiting for her near the south entrance.

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