Should You Hate the Song Sharer?

Amber @ An Amber Colored Life goes off on the concept of playing songs for people. Her biggest gripe comes from people who think they’re going to see your life change right before their eyes based on the power of the song they’ve chosen to play for you:

Random Hateration.

You know what I hate? I hate when people stare at me when they play a song for me, either on a stereo/computer or on a guitar. I’m always clueless as to what I’m supposed to do…smile and nod reverently? Clap my hands to the beat? Have my face suddenly light up, jerk my hands up high and say “YES! That song really DOES fucking ROCK!”?

I think she’s onto something here. Don’t stare at someone who’s TRYING to enjoy what you’ve asked them to listen to.

She goes on to rip mix-CDs. You know, custom mixes of songs you think will have some meaning to the person you make it for. Personally, I think a mix-CD I made for Carly back in the day on a 2X CD burner with all legally acquired pre-Napster songs is what led to holy matrimony.

I do believe there is less love put into a mix-CD than a mix-tape, however. Queuing up song after song on a dual-tape boombox or stereo is no easy task. The depth of your love could be measured by your choice of 60 or 90 minute tapes.

Forcing people to watch YouTube videos seems to fall into a similar category. The beauty of blogging is you can recommed stuff without making someone feel obligated to watch the entire thing in your presence. If you don’t watch the YouTube videos I post to The Deets, no worries. There will be no quiz.

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